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Welcome to my mindscape.
Thoughts dance, emotions swirl and patterns ensue.
A tug of war between the shadow and persona leaves a stretched, sometimes incoherent symbol.
Viscerally cerebral, compassionately cynical and absolutely relative.
Has the rise of the IPod/MP3's and its slow slaying of the CD had a detrimental effect on the album?

Obviously MP3's have made it easier to listen to music on the move, which is a great thing, but the temptation is always to skip songs when they are at your fingertips and this bypasses the fluidity of an album. Listening to CD's presents a very holistic experience which is often intended by the artist, where each song serves to benefit the rest and builds up a more complete picture of the album as a work of art in itself. It's also worth factoring in at this point that MP3 quality can be less than ideal. 

Are you really losing much by approaching music as a collection of individual tracks rather than an album of tracks? Undoubtedly certain artists create albums that cater towards the former which is fair enough, but think about the difference when listening to an album such as Pink Floyd's 'The Wall', or compare it to watching individual scenes as opposed to an entire film.

I'm not bashing the IPod or MP3 (I own them myself) but I believe they have their place alongside album listening which the CD is a great symbol for with its singular identity and artwork; a fantastic package which many people will understand the joys of opening for the first time.

Is the album as an art form in serious danger of dying? Does it matter?

  • Listening to: Leonard Cohen
Aren't we all simply Pigeons scurrying and flapping around after our own piece of the scattered bread pieces? 
Music is like a tree; it has branched out over the years and now we find the branches are extremely diverse and intermingling. Currently music is more diverse than ever and more genres are crossing over with each other than any time in history.

In the foreseeable future I see this trend continuing although there won't be any major leaps or changes in sound. That is with one exception. The one thing that will bring about big changes in the future of music is technology. Technology revolutionised music with the advent of electronic music and I'm sure sometime in the future we will see more musical and sound revelations arising from technology.

What's everybody else's thoughts on the future of music?
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  • Reading: Promethea
  • Drinking: Coffee
I: The Cycle

For me art is the physical manifestation of one's non-physical self and in the wider sense it is simply the unmanifest seeking expression and becoming manifest. The artistic process begins with the subjective conception and then enters the representational stage of manifestation where the artist uses their tools and body to create the art which can then be experienced by others and become subjective thoughts and emotions in them.

As an example to illustrate my point I'll use a painter creating a painting. Firstly I feel all potentials are held in a deeper level of reality to the everyday reality we perceive around us with our senses. This 'deeper' level contains everything that ever was and will be, but in unmanifest form. There have been numerous terms attached to this unmanifest reality throughout the ages - a few include: oneness, the absolute, spirit, the all, the collective unconscious (although unlike Jung's definition it encompasses more than humanity), chaos, transcendental reality and many other terms. I've  created a term I like for this which is 'The Infinite Pool'.

From The Infinite Pool, the unmanifest seeks expression by becoming manifest reality and becomes part of an individual's personal unconsciousness. Once here it can potentially become part of the person's consciousness and this moment of 'inspiration' when the transfer happens can come about in many ways such as: a dream, overwhelming emotions, an idea and so on. (I think it's also important to note that some artists bypass the conscious and create straight from the unconscious in mediums like automatic writing and painting.) Now in the conscious the thought/idea/concept is 'born' and the painter will develop it subjectively and thus it will grow in them until inevitably a time comes when the idea must become a manifest reality.

The painter will now create their painting with the help of physical tools such as: eyes, hands, paintbrush, canvas, paints and so on. Eventually the painting will be completed but this is only half of the cycle. The reverse now happens as people view the painting with their own tools (eyes) and experience the painting in a consciously subjective way, they will develop thoughts and emotions in regards to the painting and each person's will be relative but no more right or wrong than anybody else's, including the painter. I like to think we simply act as mediums for creative expression - who's to say what an absolute meaning is? It will also become part of the personal unconscious of people and if they are intrinsically linked then the collective unconscious (infinite pool) as well.

This cycle can be seen in all mediums if you change the name of the tools used. For example a guitarist uses eyes, hands, guitar and perhaps amplifiers and effects which result in sound waves, which may or may not be recorded using more tools. Outside of 'The Arts' the cycle can also be seen. With our planet perhaps no personal unconscious or consciousness were needed (not in the human sense anyway) but tools certainly were needed such as a nebula, gravity, meteors.

II: The Baby Analogy

An analogy I find quite useful for the creative process in art is that of birth. Like the miracle of conception a creative idea or spark is planted or fertilized within the self. The next stage is growth within the self as it becomes ever more complex and feeds more and more from the persons psyche as it drains intellect, emotion and energy. Once the person cannot hold this idea any longer it is 'born' into the physical world and develops even more.
  • Listening to: Tangerine Dream
  • Reading: Lovecraft
My earliest confirmable memories come from when I was around 2 years old. Instances such as playing in the early learning center, playing in a sandbox and realising it's full of spiders (which probably plays a big roll in my fear of spiders), being burnt by my sisters cup of tea and having her run me to the bath under a cold tap. There are also other strange memories I have from earlier years. I remember being a baby and having my older siblings somehow hang me above the staircase in a springy crib type thing. Although this has never been confirmed, it could perhaps be an emotional memory instead or maybe it was more of an outer-body experience? I also remember being young and resting my head on my mother's stomach and finding it strangely comforting hearing the heartbeat and such in a nostalgic kind of way, perhaps remembering the emotional memories of being in the womb. Stranger than this I have emotional memories that seem prenatal, because I remember a very visual aspect of warmth, redness and an organic feel. Who knows the truth? I'm quite interested in regressing to early memories, even to prenatal memories or even past lives (if possible).

What early memories do you have? =]

Also I was thinking that perhaps there is a link between night terrors and past life memory I've read many fascinating accounts of it. A young child having exceptional knowledge of World War II planes and screaming out that his plane was being shot down in his sleep for example. I remember hearing that one of my nephews used to have night terrors and relay to my sister how he saw his "other mummy" at night. I've never really asked questions and got details about this but maybe I will one day.

Any of you ever had or still have night terrors? It would be very fascinating to hear about!
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  • Reading: Homer - The Odyssey

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